Application for Media Buyers (Digital marketing specialist)

You are qualified for this position if you meet the qualifications listed below or if you have the necessary skills.

  • Do you have a strong sense of motivation and a passion for using effective digital marketing techniques to generate leads and customers
  • Are you someone who knows how to create attention-grabbing graphics, write effective ad copy, and create effective contents that drive traffic—a “facebook and google paid advertising expert”
  • Do you have a tireless approach to refining marketing tactics till “one penny” yields “ten pennies”?
  • If so, WE are happy to have YOU join our TEAM.

Working Location / Time

  • location: Remotely
  • Time: full – Time

Position Description

 Our consumers rely on AS GLOBAL RESOURCES for the sales. supply and distribution of efficient and value complimentary  products. We consider ourselves to be the leading authority in the sales of reasonably priced goods.

To join our team, we are seeking a “Digital Marketing Specialist” that is both talented and qualified. Driving the digital marketing initiatives that support our vision and goal will be your main responsibility in this important role.

Creating and implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies will be your main responsibility as a specialist in paid advertising at AS GLOBAL RESOURCES. Creating and refining ad campaigns across several platforms is part of this, with a focus on “Meta & Google Paid Ads.”

Apart from compensated promotion, you will be essential to growing our natural web presence. Among your duties will be carrying out in-depth keyword research and putting into practice efficient SEO tactics.

Your creative skills will shine as you generate engaging content for various digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Crafting compelling ad creatives and informative content that resonates with our audience is vital for success in this role. Monitoring and analyzing campaign performance will be a continuous task, and you’ll use data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and improve ROI.
Join AS GLOBAL RESOURCES  as a Remote Digital Marketing Expert and be part of a team that strives to improve the life health, happiness, and harmony of individuals globally. Your skills and dedication will help us take AS GLOBAL RESOURCES to a global level and establish us as leaders in the field.

Skill Requirements

  • Adeptness in developing and overseeing Facebook advertising programs, including performance tracking, audience targeting, and ad creatives.
  • Familiarity with Google’s advertising platform, encompassing search, display, and remarketing campaigns.
  • Familiarity with landing page design, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and other methods of sales page optimization.
  • Knowledge of using analytics programs like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics to monitor campaign results and improve tactics.
  • Strong copywriting abilities for sales funnel optimization, landing pages, and advertising material.
  • The capacity to remain current with best practices and trends in digital marketing.
  • Outstanding communication abilities to work with management and other team members

Tools Requirements

  • Graphic & Video Deign Tool: Canva/Photoshop/CapCut/Adobe Premiere Pro for designing graphics is required.
  • Facebook Account: Needed to make you admin to out pages and ad accounts.
  • A Laptop with Good Internet Connection.

Job Role/Responsibilities

  • Create and implement digital marketing plans to increase website traffic, lead generation, and revenue.
  • Develop and oversee Facebook ad campaigns while maximizing ROI and effectiveness.
  • Create and refine Google AdWords campaigns to focus on audiences and keywords that are relevant.
  • To increase conversion rates, do A/B tests on landing and sales pages.
  • Using analytics tools, track and evaluate campaign performance and make data-driven optimization decisions.
  • Work together to produce compelling landing page content and ad creatives with the design and content teams.
  • To find fresh chances, stay up to date on market trends and rivals’ tactics.
  • Report on important metrics and KPIs on a regular basis to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Please Do Not Apply for This Position if you......

  • Possess ZERO or less than ONE to TWO YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN “Paid Advertising” VIA Meta Ads.
  • Never had to grow and optimize an advertising campaign.
  • Possess no desire to learn new things or grow personally in order to fulfill job obligations.
  • Unable to create advertising creatives.
  • Lack the ability to create videos using stock footage. 

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